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I play The Sims, or I did before I had Tom, anyway.  DB just got me the third game, but I haven't had a chance to do much with it.  Anyway, I used to download various objects and modifications for it.  Mostly, I'd choose items which would add some variety, or realism, so I downloaded a lot of furniture, and skins with tattoos that faded with age.  Nothing too exciting.  

A few years ago, I had a coworker who also played the game, and really, really liked it.  She also downloaded objects, but typically chose ones that would make her little faux people more attractive or appealing to her.  She'd sometimes try bonding with me by discussing the latest custom objects she'd found.  There was some mesh that features platform shoes that was better than previous, similar meshes, and a few others I've forgotten now.  And then there was Crammyboy's Penis Hack.  I think I almost spit out my coffee when she mentioned that one.  I have a bit of a problem with 'penis' and 'hack' being used together, and I'd never actually had the desire to put wangs on my sims.  I'd also never considered that having a pie menu with options like 'get hard' or 'zombie' (a flesh tone, apparently) might be a positive thing.  That conversation definitely left some scars. 

So, tonight, I ended up browsing through Sims sites, and found the red light district, I suppose.  You can download such wonders as a 'masturbation computer,' which I could sort of see as a date-altenative for low-charisma sims, or '3D modeled labia' (wha?  why?).  I think I've found the ultimate inexplicable download, though.  It's the STD Bed.  Yes, you can give your sims VD.  Why you'd want to, I'm really not sure. 
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