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Still wearing the green nail polish.  I used to wear polish on my toes most of the time, but not on my fingers, because it took ages to dry, but I stopped using it entirely when I found out I was pregnant.  Apparently, in between then and now, most brands have reformulated to be less toxic, which means they dry much faster, oddly enough, so I'm back to having interesting nails.  Considering I'm also especially prone to foot injuries and black toenails with a toddler in the house, I figure I'll keep on this way for a few years at least.

Anyway, why do you care?  Because there's more amusement/awfulness in the world of cosmetics than I'd realised.  When visiting my parents, my mum and I noticed a line of Justin Bieber-inspired polishes, made by Nicole, which is basically the younger line of a high end brand.  Why would Justin Bieber want to sell nail polish at Walmart?  Because “A lot of [Justin's] songs are about making girls feel good...He sees that nail polish really makes girls feel good."  Well, thank God we've got him around, then, bringing his service to all of humanity, or 52% of it, at least.  I know I'll be buying some Bieber-polish the next time I'm feeling unloved.

If that's not your style, there's this, which I suppose just makes you look like a lonely dude.  It's not the first cosmetic color with a dirty name, but I think there's a lot more appeal to the process than the clean-up, somehow.  Still, there's a waiting list?  Really?
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