Aug. 12th, 2011

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I've been doing some major Kindle binging tonight. Bear in mind that I don't actually have any dedicated ebook readers, but my phone's screen is pretty large, and it has various ebook apps, and Amazon has a ton of free downloads (if you have an American street address on your account, even if you're connecting from another country), and it'll start to make more sense. Each book you look at suggests books that other people who bought that one also bought, and it's easy to download a ton of things, much like Wikipedia browsing.

I mentioned to DB that my Wikipedia'ing often seemed to end at a common point, from a search on Image Magick leading to Sex Magick (not quite the same thing), to Jonestown somehow leading to mystical writings. Tonight's Kindle search managed to get past the usual romance offerings ('He felt his passion begin to rise'), which led to some rather neat old military manuals about sabotage and knot making, then to spiritual/mystic works, then to this, which didn't even get good reviews.  I figure that's proof that if you ever find the end of the internet, Aleister Crowley's going to be there, waiting for you.

I ended up with a fair bit of Ralph Waldo Trine and similar, more in the spiritual vein than occult, but with a few on clairvoyance, and a bunch of cookbooks.  The idea of 100 year old veg*n recipes was too appealing, and I know enough about baking to make edible food from old recipes.


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