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45's, anti-peta, apple scruffs, assholaciousness, b-movies, banana yoshimoto, barenaked ladies, beach boys, beatles, bees, buddy holly, cabinessence,, cheese making, commodore, computers, coupons, cowboy action, daniel pinkwater, dead milkmen, degrassi, devo, dos, dusty springfield, eight-tracks, electronic sounds, emulators, expedit, fonts, geocaching, ghosts,, ginger, girl metal, herb alpert, honey badgers, intellivision, iron maiden, james, king's quest, kraft, lost in space, lychees, midis, moggies, morrissey, obsolescence, optiganally yours, patsy cline, phantom blue, philip jose farmer, phranc, pistachios, playing records backwards, pocky, polydactyls, press play on tape, primus, princess superstar, pseudobiscuits, pulp, retro-tech, retrocrush, richard brautigan, rob crow, roxy music, rusty warren, ruth wallis, screaming lord sutch, sharpies, shinohara tomoe, shonen knife, sid music, sparks, stereo hifi, strawberry switchblade, subliminal messages, tea, the cramps, the smiths, the undead, theremins, this is my house, time, torties, vinyl, wesley willis, wikipedia, william gibson, x-entertainment
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