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Uh oh. DB's decided he needs to see the second and third Lord Of The Rings movies. Not that a big deal, if he hadn't gotten curious about geography, and wondered if there were maps. Of course there are maps. It's fucking Tolkien. Anything he ever did had maps, its own language, and pronunciation guides. Translation guides, even. So now he can ask where Mordor is in relation to something else, and if the order of battle makes sense. I've spent too long online to think of much besides the slash fiction, which isn't really helping any. Then again, I guess all of the elements were already perfectly in place.

Very much unrelated, but I finally decided I'd done enough research, and ordered some cloth diapers. I ended up going for 24 regular size prefolds (these are non-waterproofed, multilayered sheets of cotton, to be pinned in place on the kid) and three small covers, which handle the waterproofing. Also, two clippy things that substitute for pins. Compared to a medium size of the cheapest disposable diapers I could find, without washing taken into account, a cloth diaper costs 20 times as much as a disposable one. Most research I did said a newborn went through about 12 diapers in a day, fewer later on, so that's not bad. If I keep on with this, we will need more covers later on, but those don't have to be too expensive. I figure I can also get more prefolds if I'd like. Besides cost, these things aren't scented (disposable ones typically are strongly scented), and while they can get dirty, you can't run out of them. DB's worried about the smell, but all diapers receive the same contents from the kid.


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