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I don't think what the world really needed was an NKOTB reunion, but how often does the world get what it needs?  Wherever she is now, my overly heterosexual childhood best friend is probably thrilled.  This is the girl who wanted to marry all of them, and figured I was jealous because I didn't think that was too legal.  Gah.

Bento box AND diaper orders both arrived today, so I have two new diapers drying on the porch, and lunchboxes in the cupboard.  The unpictured 'cowboy stuff' print turned out to be just that; a red diaper with lassos, boots, badges, cacti, and hats on it, and those words printed, as well.  Between the label and the edge of the diaper, one word's been cut off, and just says 'ass'.  The bad-parent part of me is slightly disappointed that my son's too young to be able to find that amusing.  'Retro space travel' is a blue diaper, with cartoonish aliens, planets, and rocket ships on it.  Quite cute.  Bento order is a one-tiered and two-tiered box in four different patterns (three pastel fruit ones with dorky things printed on them, one blue with white dots), two little insulated bags, some sauce bottles, that sushi grass, little bands to hold the boxes together, and a rice mold.  Oh, and a bag of little melamine cubes, like those 'magic sponges,' but smaller and cheaper.  There's also a second of this box, because I wasn't paying attention, and bought two.  Any interest, [ profile] nohari ?

In other mail-related news, I finally sent [ profile] cybermule 's parcel, which is really just an envelope, with not as much in it as I'd hoped, because of the shape of the container, and no Goldfish crackers at all, for the same reason.  So, I suck at sending things out of the country, unless it's to Canada, and even then, that's just because I'm familiar with it.   So my apologies for that not being so awesome.  


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