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There were two things I wanted, both of which completely confused DB, and I've managed to get both of them.  Firstly, I wanted a sewing machine, had for years, and I finally got around to ordering one from Overstock.  $58 shipped (cheap!), and I've managed to figure out its vertical bobbin, and how to thread it.  It's pretty basic, but has a needle threader, which is cool.  I'd also wanted to try wool diaper covers, since they're supposed to be the coolest way to keep diapers from leaking, but that seemed fairly intimidating, and rather expensive.  I found a cheap one on Etsy, but put off preparing it.  You need to soak them in lanolin and a wee bit of detergent to get them ready for use, and while I have lanolin, that seemed like a lot of work.  As it turns out, it's not really.

And . . . putting those two things, plus a trip to Old Navy, together, I just pieced together a wee pair of pants from a marked-down cashmere sweater's sleeves.  I found the largest size I could in a pale blue, and now I really, really want to go back tomorrow and get more.  I should have enough left over for two basic covers like this, too.  The little pants aren't perfect, but for something where I had no pattern, and no pins, either, they're not bad.  They're soaking in lanolin-y water right now.

[ profile] intothegray , did you try making any diapers?  You might want to checkout,, and

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Thanks, I'll check those out! I just finished making a couple out of old maternity tops, I used the Mama Bird pattern and it was pretty easy. Haven't used them yet, I have a few to stitch together before I'm ready to jump in. I have this paranoia about not having enough!

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If you don't have enough, you throw a disposable on her, and do a wash. You don't even have to do all cloth all the time if you don't want to -- even a bit will keep your costs down. I started with seven pockets and three prefolds that fit, on a newborn, and that was it.


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